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Affiliate Links

Throughout your interaction with this website (“”), you will encounter affiliate links to websites such as When you click on these links, and its publishers may receive a commission if you purchase an item on those websites within a certain time frame. While we do our best to provide you links that we think are relevant for the topic you are researching, we cannot guarantee safety or quality of the products that you ultimately purchase.

Furthermore, these products are not owned or associated with and all customer service inquiries, including returns, should be handled through the manufacturer or online retailer.


Medical Advice

This website (“”) is not providing medical advice. We are not medical doctors or medical professionals. Before beginning any exercise or supplement regime, you should always consult with your medical doctor beforehand. Not consulting with your medical doctor can cause serious health complications or risks, including death. In addition to this, in order to use our website, we require that you be 18 years of age or older, as supplementation and certain exercise regimes can be dangerous to your health if used improperly.

We do not accept responsibility for your health, including if you purchase a product via an affiliate link. In these instances, you should always follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions after consulting with your medical doctor.

We do not accept any liability for how you utilize information or products you find through our website. You should always consult a medical doctor prior to beginning any exercise, diet, or supplementation regime.


Product Reviews

On our website (“”), you’ll find landing pages that offer product reviews. These reviews are based upon any of the pros/cons of the product including but not limited to feature set, price, and quality. These reviews are also based on user feedback aggregated from and other online retailers. We do not guarantee the performance or quality of these products. We make no guarantees about these products and assume no liability in how you use or misuse these products.

Our website, does not sell products. Rather, we link to and other online retailers suggesting products based on the features listed above. All complaints, inquires, returns, etc. are to be conducted through the retailer or manufacturer that you bought the product from.

We do not accept liability for what products you purchase, how you use them, their quality or performance. By using our website, you understand that it is solely your responsibility to research¬†products, consult a medical doctor prior to use, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use and safety.


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