Body Fat Charts for Women & Men

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Women Body Fat Chart

women body fat chart

Women typically need higher body fat percentages than men due so that they can bear children. Because of this, the amount of natural testosterone found in their bodies is much lower than found in males and estrogen levels are much higher. Higher estrogen levels mean higher level of body fat.

For women, having a body fat percentage below 10% is extremely difficult to do naturally and could be detrimental to your health. It would likely take a large caloric deficit, as well as constant exercise to reach this level and it won’t be sustainable.

Men Body Fat Chart

men body fat chart

Men naturally have much higher testosterone than women, which is why they are capable of surviving and sustaining much lower body fat percentages. While women can be considered lean in the 15-20% range, men should expect to be much lower at 5-10%.

For men who are overweight, body fat converts testosterone into estrogen. [1] This process is responsible for the growth of “man boobs”, which is breast material that develops in the chest area of men with higher estrogen levels. If you have significant body fat (30% or greater), it might be a good idea to get your testosterone and estrogen levels checked to ensure that you are not experiencing this.

Are you sure you know your body fat percentage? We recommend a body composition scale or body fat calipers to be sure.


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