How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy

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Having a baby on the way means big changes. Before birth, the mother has to deal with all sorts of side effects, one of those being weight gain, either from the baby itself or from the extra food a mother has to eat to keep her baby fed. Though many mothers won’t want to gain this extra weight and will be striving to maintain a healthy figure through childbirth. Here you’ll learn if you need to lose weight or not while you’re pregnant, along with learning some ways to help keep your weight down while carrying your child.

Knowing if you need to lose weight:

Some weight gain during pregnancy is excellent and shouldn’t be worried about. If your BMI before pregnancy was about 25 or less, then you should strive for gaining about 24-40 pounds without worrying. If your BMI was 30 or above, you should try to gain less weight though, only around 10-20 pounds ideally. If your weight gain has stayed in this range, then you don’t have anything to worry about, though if it’s become more than that, then you may want to investigate losing some weight.

How to lose weight:

You don’t want to go on extreme diets while you’re carrying a baby, as that has been shown to possibly be detrimental to your baby’s birth, but instead, you want to make sure to only eat as much as you need and try to get some exercise. On average it’s recommended that a pregnant woman gets around 1700 calories a day, so staying around that range (depending on your current weight) then you shouldn’t be gaining too much unnecessary weight. In addition to this, you should remember to stay hydrated, as drinking plenty of water will make you feel less hungry and try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Finally, you can try snacking more often (Healthy snacks, that is) and eating smaller meals, eating 6 small meals rather than 3 large ones can help you with portion control by making sure your body is never too hungry.

Following these tips should help ensure that you can maintain a healthy weight while carrying your baby. As always, it is extremely important that you speak with your doctor before beginning any major changes to your diet, especially during pregnancy. Your upmost concern is with your baby’s health and not your waistline.


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