Losing Weight Off Your Face

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It’s not like you can lose weight from one part of the body. It is the collective effort that is reflected by burning excess fat from certain parts of the body. However, there are tips that can be adopted preferably for your face to make it look a lot slimmer.

  1. Doing facial exercises is an important tip. There are about 32 muscles on your face that need to be toned to make a difference. One of the ways is to say X and O repeatedly such that your face muscles are stretched to the maximum. This will make you feel relaxed and will also help you with better blood circulation.
  2. Next, is performing Hippo’s Jaw. This is done by keeping your mouth wide open and holding it there for as long as you can. Repeat it ten times.
  3. To get rid of the double chin, lift your face heads up and push your lower lip upwards. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times.
  4. Keep doing the cheek puff exercise as many times in the day as possible. Chewing gum also helps in toning your jaw cheek muscles.
  5. Facial massage is another method to lose face fat. This can be done by massaging your face with grated cucumber, olive oil, fenugreek paste or cocoa butter.

Rest of the tips to be followed are the essentials that are needed to lose body weight like exercising daily with a proper routine, eating healthy with a proper diet chart; changing lifestyle into a disciplined one like sleeping early, eating the right food, avoiding alcohol, drinking lots of water and sleeping well.

These were some of the easy tips that can help you in working out your face muscles, toned them and make you lose weight in your face.

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