Best Bathroom Scales

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Anyone who is health conscious knows they need to decide on purchasing a proper bathroom scale. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to making the best choice for a bathroom scale. Whether, you want something sophisticated and cheap, high tech with multiple functionalities, portable, or something familiar, there are a variety of options to choose from, and they come with their goods and bad. This review narrows down to a select few to discuss its quality in term of customer preferences while considering pricing.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is a simple and sophisticated bathroom scale. Made of glass that stands on four sensors located on every four corners of this bathroom scale, the manufacturer attests its reliability in measuring weight. According to the manufacturer, the scale measures the same weight no matter how many trials you try. Though this may be true, many customers have claimed that the scale does not measure the same weight all the time. This variability may be due to the type and level of surface the product stands on.

This bathroom scale is lightweight and is made of glass. It measures weight down to the first decimal place. It boasts an LCD display that flashes blue once stepped on. It is also relatively cheap at $22.95 compared to its competitors. It can measure up to 400 lbs. One downside is that does need regular battery replacements to operate.

Thinner Extra Large Analog Precision Bathroom Scale

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The Thinner bathroom scale is an analog dial bathroom scale, which most traditional bathroom scales are. So, if you are skeptical about the newer technology digital scales, then this scale may be your best option. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price tag at $60.97.

This bathroom scale can measure up to 330 pounds, compared to its digital counterparts which usually has the capacity to measure more. On the other hand, it may be more reliable and consistent in measurement than its digital cousins – which tend to break or fail more often.

Thinner’s Extra Large Analog Precision bathroom scale has a sleek metal case design and is large enough to accommodate any person. It also has comfortable padding, if comfort is an issue for you.

Nokia Body +- Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale

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If you are looking for a high tech bathroom scale, this product may be for you. Nokia body is more than just a bathroom scale that measures weight. Connect this device to your Wi-Fi to display the current weather as well. In addition, it can tell you more than just your weight. This bathroom scale has the ability to tell you your body fat to muscle mass ratio and how much of your weight is attributed to water content. Also, it can keep track of your weight loss goals.

This sleek black digital bathroom scales is a must buy for any health nut. But there are other things to consider before purchasing this product. Since this scale is on the higher end regarding functionalities, it is also costlier at around $80.00. However functional this high-tech bathroom scale may be, it does not promise accuracy in measuring all the things it measures. So, if you are looking for a simple bathroom scale regardless of how many functions it has, there may be better alternatives for you.

Best Smart Scale: FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

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Best Smart Scale is yet another high-tech bathroom scale with multiple functionalities. This brand is much more expensive than its Nokia Body counterpart, and it includes all the features of the latter.

An additional function that this smart bathroom scale has is it can track the weight of up to 8 different individuals. But it is not always accurate in measuring all the different things it able to measure so it may not be worth the price. Other than its core functionalities, it has a sleek black design and is made of glass so it can be aesthetically pleasing.

GreaterGoods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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GreaterGoods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is yet another cheap digital bathroom scale with minimal functionalities, similar to the EatSmart brand bathroom scale.

The product is sturdier than its EatSmart rival, which some customers have complained that their scale broke. It is also the cheaper alternative among the two.

Again, customer complains that the digital scale is not always accurate. This may be due to the leveling of the surface the product is placed on.

To simplify, this product is almost a replica of its EatSmart counterpart, but it is cheaper and sturdier so it may be a better alternative.

Best Scale for Traveling: NewlineNY Mini Travel Bathroom Scale 

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If you are looking for a portable bathroom scale, this scale may suit your needs. This bathroom scale is for traveling purposes, so if you are health conscious and an adventurer, this scale is definitely for you. It is also conveniently priced at around $25. Like with all other digital bathroom scales, customers have complained about its unreliability in measuring weights precisely. Another downside is that it tends to have a faulty backlight. However, this bathroom seems to be the best choice for the traveler, since very few bathroom scales come in a portable size.

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