Best Walking Shoes for Women

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There are several things to consider when deciding on how to pick the right model of walking shoes. Some of these include its comfortability, durability, and style. Shoes come in various shapes and sizes, and so does our feet. Women’s feet, in particular, require proper heel support. The most critical component of the shoe is its sole that paves the way for its structure and function. The sole can be either flexible or durable, and finding the in-between can take a lot of trial and error. This review takes into account a variety of Women’s walking shoe, disclosing its properties to assess each shoe’s value and its limitations.

NewBalance WW1865 Walking Shoe

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NewBalance WW1865 Walking Shoes are the perfect fit for those who are looking for a pair that is comfortable and stable.

The shoe’s thick rubber sole gives you the ability to flex your feet with their full range of motion, and the thickness of the sole absorbs shock well enough to prevent joint pains. The walking shoe is designed in a way that gives medial and forefoot stability, so if you have a current knee or leg injury, this pair will ease your road to recovery.

The shoes are wide at the top, allowing enough spacing for a comfortable loose fit.

The shoes are made of 100% synthetic material, though, so do not trust them to last you for months.


Brook’s Women’s Glycerin


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Brook’s Women’s Glycerin has thick ridged rubber soles for maximum performance. The soles of these shoes are ideal for long and strenuous runs across many types of terrain. The design of the sole allows for the shoe to endure heavy impact.

The shoes come in a variety of colors for you to select a pair that will match a majority of your different pairings of outfits.

This highly resilient and fashionable shoe does have its downsides though. The shoe is not comfortable for those with arched feet since there isn’t enough arching to support for those with arched feet.


Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes


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At first glance, Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 walking shoes, it stylish and glamorous with its varied layers of pattern mixed and matched with a unique selection of colors.

This sneaker is breathable with its mesh design. Its uniquely customized footbed consists of anatomically precise cushioning. And the shoe is wide and arched, making it comfortable for almost anyone.

The shoe may boast a uniquely crafted sole, though, it tends to wear off quick after regular use. What makes this shoe valuable compared to others is its style rather than function.

TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Mesh Walking Shoe


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With its high elastic sole and a wide variety of colors to choose from, TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Mesh Walking shoes have a simple design at an affordable price.

Though, with the shoes being low-cost and functional, the pair has its limitations. The interior isn’t lavishly coated with foam and other comfort making materials. Therefore, these are not the most comfortable pairs for long walks and definitely not meant for running.

This pair is a great choice for disposable shoes that are meant to last a few months since it provides enough support for its price.

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

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Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoes are embellished in 100% full-grain leather, adding to its durability and comfort.

These lightweight walking shoes have enough cushioning for making comfortable strides.

The shoe’s multilayered sole prevents quick wear-down from constant usage. The outsole is designed in a way that gives the shoe maximum flexibility while providing enough traction.

Though the shoe is more compact and less breathable than its counterparts.The shoe does include laces, making it adjustable for any foot shape.

ASICS Women’s GelTech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

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ASICS Women’s GelTech Neo 4 Walking Shoe is breathable and comfortable. The interior contains gel cushioning to absorb shock and impact. The midsole is arched and flexible. The shoe has a padded tongue and lining to increase its durability.

The sole of the shoe consists of DuoMax and Trusstic system technologies to maintain stable steps and to support the entire shoe in a way that allows balanced steps while not compromising its durability.

These shoes are high-tech, but it isn’t comfortable for everyone. The shoe is too narrow on the front, and all its complexities make it bulky and heavy.

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