Best Alkaline Waters

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If you are sensitive to the taste of water, you may choose your water carefully. Whether you prefer a highly alkaline flavor or water that tastes akin to what nature has to offer with its full spectrum of essential minerals, or you prefer a uniquely designed bottle with a clever logo or a skillfully crafted background, there is a wide assortment of smart water brands to choose from that tailors to one’s individual preferences. This review will cover a gamut of smart water brands, considering style, pricing, taste, and target markets to facilitate your process of selecting your perfect brand.

LIFEWTR Purified Balanced

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With its carefully canvased background, this brand of smart water appeals to your sense of aesthetics while promising a pure and quality taste.

LIFEWTR comes in a pack of up to six 1 liter bottles at a price of $7.48. The look of the bottle is fresh and appealing.

You can choose from 6 different background designs to match your unique taste. The content of the bottle is purified with added electrolytes to enhance its flavor.

Though artistically crafted with its smooth look, it has its limitations. It only has a twist cap feature, which limits you during your workouts when you need a quick swig. Also, the product is available only up to 6 counts, unlike its 12 count competitors.

Essentia Water

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Essentia Water offers a 12 pack, 1-liter pack with a slightly higher price at $19.99. The company uses an ionization process to remove impurities and adds electrolytes for a full hydration effect.

So this brand of water supports the athlete’s needs.

The company is careful in manufacturing this smart water. It strictly ensures that the pH remains at 9.5 or higher to promise its consumers the clean taste while replenishing an overworked body with essential electrolytes.

This may be promising for the athlete, though it lacks an aesthetic appeal it competitors offer. If you are an athlete who wishes to save time and for convenience, this smart water is for you.


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AcquaHydrate waters come in miniature bottles that are suitable for to “grab one on the go.” This bottle is designed to fit inside your handbag or backpack.

AcquaHydrate embellishes its bottles with its cleverly crafted logo, making it look fitting for its purpose. The bottle derives its artistic taste from the logo.

The brand promises twice the amount of electrolytes compared to its competitors to fully replenish you after strenuous workouts.

It is a portable brand with a unique logo, but it lacks the artistic quality of LIFEWTR, and it is not as precise with its pH as Essentia Water.

Bai Antioxidant Water, Alkaline Water

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Bai offers its brand of smart water with 1-liter bottles at $21.48. This brand tailors to nutritional purists who prefer gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan products. This brand of water is infused with the antioxidants with the mineral selenium.

The design of the bottle is smooth and elegant with its transparent leaves overlapping one another giving an array of colors from light green to oceanic blue.

However, Bai Antioxidant Water is not as alkaline as its competitors. The brand restricts its pH to 7.5 higher so it may have a slightly off-putting taste compared to its competitors.

Penta 100% Ultra Purified Bottled Water

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Penta is on the higher end of smart waters. It offers a pack of 12, 1-liter bottles at a significantly higher price of $31.90.

The bottle is composed of a simple design with its logo on a purple background. The bottle is slightly curved to allow the consumer to grasp it comfortably.

Penta appeals to the naturalist who champions green energy. The manufacturer processes it in a plant that runs on pure solar energy. The brand also promises a natural pH for an all-natural taste.

If you are a naturalist, this ultra-pure may be for you, but be prepared to pay a heavier price tag.

TEN Alkaline Spring Water

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Ten is also on the higher end of smart waters. It offers a pack of 12, 1-liter bottles at a price of $34.95.

What makes this brand unique amongst the rest is that the water source the content contains is from the Blue Ridge Mountains – which is why the brand designs its product in deep blues.

Ten has a very alkaline taste with a pH of at least 10.

Though the bottle lacks all aesthetic qualities favored by its competitors, this brand may be for those who prefer a high salty taste.

SmartWater Vapor Distilled

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SmartWater is a well-known brand that offers its product at a convenient price. SmartWater offers 6, half of a liter bottle at $4.99.

The manufacturers of this product promise a cloud-like taste since the water undergo a vapor distillation process – similar to the distillation of fine spirits.

The limitation is that the brand does not specify its pH and the design is not enticing enough to appeal to your taste. Also, the brand offers a smaller stock per purchase rather than offering the bulk of 12, 1-liter counts.

Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water

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Evamor bottles are fancy at first glance. The price is also fitting for its look ($23.08 per 6, 1-liter bottles).

The content of the bottle has a slightly higher alkaline taste compared to its naturalist competitors. With a pH range of 8.8-9.1 Evamor is naturally filtered, so it contains naturally occurring minerals.

Evamor offers a unique taste to satisfy its consumers with a stylish bottle design, but it may be too pricey, and the taste may not satisfy everyone’s preferences.

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